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June 11, 2004 Conference

June 11, 2004
Woodstock Inn
Fourteen The Green
Woodstock, VT 059091

On June 11, 2004 Vermont Governor James Douglas, Chair of the New England Governors' Conference (NEGC) in collaboration with the New England Coalition for Health Promotion and Disease Prevention (NECON) and Region I, US Department of Health & Human Services will convene a New England Healthy Weight Summit Conference at the Woodstock Inn, Woodstock, Vermont.

The purpose of the conference is to inaugurate the implementation phase of the NECON––Harvard School of Public Health (HSPH) Strategic Plan for Prevention and Control of Overweight and Obesity in New England.

The Strategic Plan is a product of a collaborative initiative between NECON and the HSPH under the leadership of Dr. Walter Willett, Chair of the Department of Nutrition and Professor of Epidemiology.  The Plan was submitted to the New England governors at their annual meeting in September 2003.

The American Cancer Society, American Diabetes Association and the American Heart Association have signed an unprecedented collaborative agreement to work together to reduce the risk factors of "poor diet, obesity, and physical inactivity" and their New England regional offices have chosen the NECON/HSPH Strategic Plan as a catalyst for a comprehensive implementation campaign.

The purpose of the conference is to achieve the following objectives: 

  1. Promote collaboration among the New England states in knowledge, dissemination, surveillance, policy, interventions, and research concerning nutrition, physical activity and healthy weight;
  2. Engage state policymakers, leaders of industry, community leaders, journalists, and other key change agents to promote healthy weight among the population of New England;
  3. Promote school and community nutrition and physical activity policies and programs with emphasis on eliminating disparities in risk factors among racial and ethnic groups;
  4. Build capacity in the region for interdisciplinary strategic partnerships to achieve measurable objectives in promoting healthy weight control and increased physical activity;
  5. Develop leadership for implementation of the NECON––HSPH Strategic Plan; and 6) Complement and support implementation of Healthy People 2010 objectives.

We hope that your schedule permits you to join us for this day-long conference and participate in what promises to be a very meaningful gathering of the region's health policymakers.

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